ATERMES unveils new regional headquarters in the UAE


ATERMES announces new regional HQ in UAE

ATERMES, a leading provider of surveillance technology solutions, has recently announced the establishment of a new regional headquarters in Dubai, UAE. This move comes in response to the increasing demands in the national security, cybersecurity, and civil protection industries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The company made the announcement on the same day it confirmed its participation at ISNR Abu Dhabi, the largest event in the region focusing on national security and cyber defense. The decision to open a MENA office in Dubai reflects ATERMES’ commitment to expanding its operational presence and partnership ecosystem in the Middle East.

Walid Lahoud, Head of Operations MENA at ATERMES, emphasized the positive implications this new regional headquarters will have for customers. Lahoud stated, “Our regional HQ in Dubai will mark the beginning of a new era of strong relationships with our clients. This facility will demonstrate our dedication to providing personalized support and expertise to customers, ensuring they receive tailored solutions and the care they need and deserve.”

The company also introduced its latest surveillance technology solution, SURICATE, at ISNR Abu Dhabi. Pascal Rouvière, CEO of ATERMES, described SURICATE as a groundbreaking innovation that combines optronics, AI, and edge computing to redefine real-time monitoring standards. The solution is designed for aircraft carrier, boat, drone, pedestrian, and vehicle detection, providing increased security and reducing response times to potential threats.

Lionel Thomas, Chairman of ATERMES, credited the company’s personnel for their role in developing SURICATE, highlighting the team’s expertise and dedication to innovation. Thomas emphasized that ATERMES’ commitment to technological excellence and innovation has been key in bringing SURICATE from concept to reality, offering AI workshops to empower customers in addressing their security needs.

Overall, ATERMES’ announcement of a new regional HQ in Dubai and the launch of SURICATE at ISNR Abu Dhabi mark significant milestones for the company in expanding its presence and offering cutting-edge surveillance solutions in the MENA region.

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