Black Hats Claiming Responsibility for Infamous Breach on Forums


Update: BreachForums Under Attack by Rival Cybercrime Groups

The infamous cybercrime marketplace BreachForums, previously targeted by federal authorities, has now fallen victim to a coordinated attack by rival threat actor groups R00TK1T and Cyber Army of Russia. The hackers proudly announced their success in taking down the site, causing it to crash due to their precise and efficient tactics.

In a bold move, the attackers promised more surprises for the hacker community and users worldwide, hinting at the release of user data including IP addresses and emails. The illicit marketplace is currently inaccessible from any country, with the administrator, Baphomet, confirming the domain suspension and assuring users that they are working on resolving the issue.

Despite the site being offline, the Cybernews Research Team discovered that it can still be accessed through a TOR mirror. However, concerns remain about the safety of user data, especially after previous incidents involving the arrest of former administrators and the hacking of user databases.

In response to the attack, Baphomet blamed various nations working together for the assault and criticized the groups claiming credit for the breach. The administrator assured users that additional protections are being implemented to safeguard the forum from future disruptions.

As tensions escalate between BreachForums and its adversaries, the cybercrime landscape continues to evolve, with threats of further disruptions and promises of “one heck of an adventure” from the attackers. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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