Bridewell brings on prominent CNI security expert for advisory role on board – Intelligent CISO


Announcement of Ray Stanton as Board Adviser for Bridewell

Bridewell, a prominent UK cybersecurity firm, has recently made a strategic move by appointing Ray Stanton as Board Adviser. Stanton, a seasoned security expert and business leader, brings over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, risk management, and commercial expertise to the table.

Stanton’s extensive background includes senior positions at BT, National Grid, IBM, TDC Group, and Airbus UK, providing him with unique insights into critical national infrastructure security, especially in the energy, telecommunications, and aviation sectors. Additionally, he has played a significant role in global cyber-resilience programs for the World Economic Forum and has served on various advisory boards in the cybersecurity and information security realms.

In his new role at Bridewell, Stanton will focus on enhancing critical infrastructure security services in the UK and US while establishing a Customer Advisory Board to gather feedback and shape future service offerings based on customer needs. His appointment reflects Bridewell’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in the cybersecurity sector, particularly in the realm of critical national infrastructure.

Ray Stanton expressed his enthusiasm for joining Bridewell, emphasizing the company’s ethos, culture, and ambitious vision. Bridewell’s CEO, Anthony Young, lauded Stanton’s expertise and reputation in cybersecurity and CNI, highlighting the valuable contributions he is expected to make to the company’s strategic direction and client base expansion.

With Stanton on board, Bridewell is poised to leverage his wealth of knowledge and industry experience to propel the company towards greater success and leadership in the cybersecurity landscape.

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