Chainalysis, a leading blockchain company, sets up Regional Headquarters in Dubai


Chainalysis Inaugurates Regional Headquarters in Dubai for Southern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa

Chainalysis, a leading blockchain intelligence platform, has officially opened its headquarters for Southern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa in Dubai. This strategic move comes after three years of significant growth in the region, solidifying Chainalysis as the go-to provider for crypto investigation, Web3 development, and crypto risk solutions for both government and private sector organizations.

With a presence in over 70 countries, Chainalysis offers data, software, services, and research to various entities, including government agencies, financial institutions, and cybersecurity companies. The company’s data has played a crucial role in solving high-profile criminal cases worldwide, resulting in the seizure of over US$10 billion by law enforcement agencies.

In alignment with the UAE’s vision to become a global crypto hub, Chainalysis has been actively collaborating with key government stakeholders to provide guidance on regulatory frameworks and best practices for fostering a thriving crypto ecosystem. This includes partnerships with the UAE’s Ministry of Artificial Intelligence and leading banking institution Emirates NBD.

Michael Gronager, CEO of Chainalysis, emphasized the UAE government’s progressive approach to crypto regulations and business-friendly policies, stating that the country is well-positioned to lead innovation in the industry. The opening of the Dubai office marks the establishment of new regional headquarters to support emerging markets like India, Africa, and Central Asia.

Nicola Buonanno, VP Southern EMEA at Chainalysis, highlighted the growing demand for their solutions in the UAE market, particularly in institutional-sized transfers. The company aims to recruit skilled professionals in finance, compliance, and Web3.0 technologies to drive their operations from the Dubai headquarters, demonstrating their commitment to supporting local entities in capitalizing on the crypto opportunity.

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