Christie’s Auction Disrupted by $845M Cyber Attack: Rare Van Gogh Painting and Schumacher’s Watch Among Top Items


The prestigious British auction house, Christie’s, is currently facing a cyberattack that has taken its website offline during its highly anticipated spring auctions. With a collection of items estimated at £670 million ($845 million), the attack has caused disruption for potential buyers who rely on the website for viewing lots and participating in online bidding.

Despite the website being down, most auctions have proceeded as planned, thanks to contingency measures put in place by Christie’s. A temporary basic website allows potential buyers to browse upcoming lots, and bidding options include in-person attendance, phone calls, and the Christie’s Live platform for secure online bidding.

Notable sales have still taken place, with the auction of eight watches from Formula One legend Michael Schumacher’s collection fetching CHF4 million ($4.4 million) and bidding on a Vincent van Gogh painting valued at $35 million scheduled for tomorrow.

This cyberattack is not Christie’s first encounter with cybersecurity issues, as a data breach in 2023 exposed vulnerabilities in their system. Security experts are urging vigilance in light of this attack, emphasizing the need for robust security measures to prevent further breaches.

As the investigation into the cyberattack continues, online art enthusiasts and collectors are eagerly waiting for the restoration of the website and how Christie’s plans to address lingering security concerns. The full extent of data compromised remains unclear, and Christie’s is yet to comment on the specific nature of the attack or any potential data compromise.

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