Citrix Resolves Critical Vulnerability in NetScaler Servers


Citrix Quietly Addresses Vulnerability in NetScaler ADC and Gateway Appliances, Similar to CitrixBleed

Citrix Addresses Vulnerability in NetScaler ADC and Gateway Appliances

Citrix recently addressed a vulnerability in its NetScaler Application Delivery Control (ADC) and Gateway appliances, discovered by researchers at Bishop Fox, that could have allowed remote, unauthenticated attackers to access potentially sensitive information from affected systems. While the bug was not as severe as the critical zero-day vulnerability known as “CitrixBleed” disclosed last year, it was still a cause for concern.

In contrast to CitrixBleed, which was exploited widely for malicious purposes like deploying ransomware and stealing information, the newly discovered flaw was less likely to result in the retrieval of high-value data from vulnerable systems. However, attackers could still occasionally capture sensitive information such as HTTP request bodies from the memory of affected appliances.

Bishop Fox identified the vulnerability as an out-of-bounds memory issue, allowing attackers to access memory locations beyond the intended boundaries of the program. This could potentially lead to the compromise of credentials or cryptographic material used by the appliance.

Citrix has since addressed the issue in NetScaler version 13.1-51.15, prior to the disclosure by Bishop Fox. The company did not assign a CVE identifier to the flaw and it’s unclear if the vulnerability was privately disclosed to customers before its public disclosure. Bishop Fox recommended that organizations running the affected NetScaler version upgrade to the patched version to ensure their systems are secure.

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