Collaboration between Humana Group and Google Cloud enhances IT security in healthcare


Humana Group and Google Cloud Collaborate to Improve IT Security in Care

Humana Group, a prominent care company in the Nordic region, has teamed up with Google Cloud to enhance IT security in the healthcare sector. The partnership aims to enhance data management control and streamline collaboration for Humana employees in the Nordic organization.

To facilitate better collaboration, secure data management, and easy access to key systems, Humana will transition to Google Workspace. This platform offers seamless access to various collaboration tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Chat, and Meet. With over three billion users and ten million customers relying on Google Workspace, Humana employees will have a secure and efficient way to share and edit files in real-time while ensuring the reliability of their email service through Gmail.

Adam Nerell, CIO of Humana, emphasized the critical importance of IT security and resilience for the company. By choosing Google Workspace, Humana ensures that its employees can handle sensitive data securely and effortlessly. The transition to Google Cloud’s platforms and tools will enable different care units within Humana to access Google Workspace, allowing employees to design their own routines and rules for simplified and efficient collaboration.

Moreover, the move to Google Workspace aligns with Humana’s commitment to empowering its employees with technology and digital transformation. By refurbishing older computers with Chrome, Humana adds an extra layer of security to its operations.

Eva Fors, Managing Director of Google Cloud in the Nordic Region, expressed excitement about the collaboration and its potential to enhance the security and efficiency of healthcare services across the Nordics. The adoption of Google Workspace will not only bring Humana employees closer together but also allow them more time to focus on patient care. With positive feedback already received from their pilot program, Humana is dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition and adoption process for its employees.

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