CompTIA Backs Department of Defense’s Initiative to Enhance Cyber Knowledge and Skills


CompTIA Certifications Included in U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Workforce Qualification Program

CompTIA, the world’s leading information technology (IT) certification and training body, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense to create a more diverse and skilled cyber workforce. This initiative includes the inclusion of eight CompTIA certifications in the Cyber Workforce Qualification Program, aimed at modernizing the DoD’s talent management to protect the nation’s interests, information, and infrastructure.

Dr. James Stanger, chief technology evangelist at CompTIA, emphasized the importance of upskilling a diverse workforce in cybersecurity and IT. The DoD’s targeted approach includes role-based identification, development, and qualification of cyber personnel, with clear standards-based certifications and training options for military personnel, civilian staff, and government contractors.

The eight CompTIA certifications approved for DoD work roles cover a wide range of positions within the cyber workforce, from technical support to cyber defense analysts and policy planners. These certifications validate essential skills through performance-based exams and are internationally recognized and accredited to comply with industry standards.

To further educate professionals on implementing DoD 8140, CompTIA will lead an education session at TechNet Cyber, the premier event organized by the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association International. This collaboration underscores the mutual commitment of CompTIA and the DoD to create a skilled and diverse cyber workforce.

For more information on how CompTIA certifications align with DoD work roles, visit the official CompTIA website. Millions of aspiring technology professionals worldwide rely on CompTIA for the training, education, and certifications needed to excel in the tech industry.

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