CyberHive Introduces CyberHive Connect in Security Middle East Magazine


CyberHive Launches CyberHive Connect: A Complete Suite of Threat Protection Modules for UAE Businesses

CyberHive, a leading cybersecurity company, has announced the launch of CyberHive Connect, a comprehensive suite of threat protection modules designed to safeguard UAE businesses against current and future cyber threats. The company’s flagship product, CyberHive Connect, offers real-time intrusion detection and verification technology to protect networks from cyber threats.

The decision to launch in Dubai was driven by the region’s growing need for stronger network security and greater control over data protection. With almost half of UAE-based organizations experiencing cyberattacks or data breaches in the past year, the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been higher.

Ben Locke, GCC Distributor for CyberHive, emphasized the importance of protecting businesses, organizations, and individuals in Dubai from the ever-growing risk of cyberattacks. He highlighted Dubai’s commitment to innovation and technology, making it an ideal environment for CyberHive’s cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

CyberHive Connect is based on a secure software-defined mesh network, allowing for easy deployment and scalability across corporate networks and remote IoT devices. The software’s lightweight design ensures top-tier security without compromising usability or network performance.

In addition to real-time threat protection, CyberHive Connect offers quantum-safe cryptographic encryption algorithms to exceed industry security standards and compliance requirements. The software is available on a software as a service (SaaS) licensing model, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

With CyberHive’s patented ‘Trusted Cloud’ technology and certifications in information security management systems, the company is well-equipped to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to UAE businesses. By re-imagining cybersecurity with a zero-trust approach, CyberHive aims to empower businesses to take control of their data security and stay ahead of cyber threats.

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