Dark Web leak could render all of your passwords useless


Warning: Dark Web Leak Renders Passwords Useless, Millions of Cookies Compromised

A chilling warning has been issued by cybersecurity firm NordVPN, revealing that millions of cookies have been leaked to the Dark Web, rendering all passwords useless. These small files, which are essential for websites to remember details from your previous visits, are now being exploited by hackers to bypass login credentials.

According to NordVPN, a staggering 54 billion cookies have been leaked, with 14 million originating from the UK alone. Of these leaked cookies, 17% were found to be active, allowing hackers to access accounts without the need for usernames or passwords. The UK ranked second globally in terms of active cookies stolen, behind only North Korea.

Adrianus Warmenhoven, a cybersecurity advisor at NordVPN, cautioned users about the dangers of leaked cookies, stating that hackers could potentially gain access to sensitive information such as names, locations, and even sexual orientation. The stolen cookies included data from major platforms like Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and Bing, raising concerns about privacy and security.

To protect themselves from cookie leaks, Warmenhoven advised users to regularly delete cookies, be cautious of the websites they visit, and use tools like NordVPN’s Threat Protection to block malicious sites and trackers. Dark Web Monitoring can also help alert users if their data has been stolen, allowing them to take action before further harm is done.

As the threat of cookie leaks continues to grow, it is essential for users to stay vigilant and take proactive measures to safeguard their online accounts and personal information.

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