Does Bari Weiss Feel Ashamed of the Intellectual Dark Web?


The Rise and Fall of the Intellectual Dark Web: A Reflection on Bari Weiss’s Role

Bari Weiss and the Intellectual Dark Web: A Tale of Dissent and Degeneration

In 2018, Bari Weiss penned a groundbreaking profile for the New York Times titled “Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web,” introducing a group of public intellectuals and podcasters who were challenging mainstream narratives. Weiss highlighted their commitment to civil discourse, pursuit of truth, and defense of Enlightenment values.

However, fast forward to 2024, and the once-promising IDW has devolved into a shadow of its former self. Many core members have embraced conspiracy theories, anti-vaxx beliefs, and MAGA activism. Even Weiss herself has expressed some regrets about her role in elevating the IDW to prominence.

Despite the tarnished reputation of the IDW, it continues to exist under different labels like “heterodox” and “anti-establishment.” Weiss, through her media company The Free Press, aims to provide an alternative to the mainstream media, focusing on stories ignored by traditional outlets.

But as the IDW spirals into extremism, should Weiss not hold her former allies to account? Should she not speak out against the cranks and grifters who have hijacked the movement she once championed?

As Weiss builds her alternative media empire, she faces a crucial decision. Will she continue to turn a blind eye to the degeneration of the IDW, or will she take a stand for truth and integrity, even if it means challenging her friends and allies? The future of the IDW, and Weiss’ role in shaping it, hangs in the balance.

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