Drug dealers operating on the dark web, who used Royal Mail to distribute cocaine, have been sentenced to jail.


Dark Web Drug Ring Leader and Associates Sentenced to Jail for Drug Trafficking Operations

Three men have been sentenced to jail time for their involvement in a sophisticated drug operation that utilized the dark web and cryptocurrency to sell illegal substances. Joe McNally, the leader of the group, along with Robert Brewster and Benjamin Martin-Bynoe, were found guilty of being concerned in the supply and importation of cocaine, ketamine, cannabis, and zopiclone.

McNally, 33, of Finchampstead, Berkshire, was handed a hefty sentence of 18 years and six months behind bars. Brewster, 55, of Brent, received a six-year and two-month sentence, while Martin-Bynoe, 35, of Camden, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

The group’s criminal activities came to light when the EncroChat encrypted messaging system was dismantled. Authorities discovered that McNally used a laptop with software to prevent data storage, but incriminating evidence was later found on a USB containing customer information.

Rebecca Sharp, a specialist prosecutor for the CPS, emphasized the sophisticated nature of the operation, which involved the online sale and global distribution of illegal drugs. Despite their efforts to evade detection, the overwhelming evidence led to the defendants pleading guilty.

The CPS collaborated with the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit to prosecute the group effectively, ensuring that justice was served. Confiscation proceedings will be pursued to recover the proceeds of McNally and Martin-Bynoe’s criminal activities.

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