Former astrophysicist brings critical thinking skills to cybersecurity as a data scientist


Interview with Leila Powell: From Astrophysics to Data Science in Cybersecurity

Leila Powell, Lead Data Scientist at cybersecurity company Panaseer, shared insights on the crucial role data scientists play in solving complex problems and driving business decisions. In an exclusive interview, she revealed her transition from astrophysics research to data science, highlighting the common thread of data analysis and coding in both fields.

With a background in studying galaxy formation through supercomputer simulations, Powell emphasized the importance of data in her previous research and current role in cybersecurity. She discussed the shift towards AI-driven innovation and the challenges companies face in implementing AI effectively.

Powell also shed light on the cybersecurity market, where companies often struggle to navigate the plethora of tools available and make informed decisions. As a data scientist, her role involves analyzing data, developing solutions, and communicating findings to drive actionable insights.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, Powell emphasized the need for clear communication and understanding of business objectives to deliver impactful results. She highlighted the importance of visualizations and collaboration with engineering teams to ensure data-driven decisions are implemented effectively.

As data scientists continue to play a pivotal role in shaping business strategies and combating cyber threats, Powell’s journey from astrophysics to cybersecurity exemplifies the versatility and impact of data science in today’s digital age.

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