Genetec introduces new research and development centers


Genetec Announces New R&D Hubs and Experience Centers

Genetec Inc. is making waves in the technology industry with the announcement of new research and development hubs, Experience Centers, and office expansions around the world. The company is expanding its global presence with the opening of new R&D hubs in strategic locations, in addition to its existing Montréal-based campus and other R&D centers.

Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering at Genetec Inc., expressed excitement about the new offices, stating that they will serve as innovation hubs to foster collaboration among developers. The company is known for its forward-thinking technology, and the new R&D centers will support initiatives such as intelligent automation. With a 50% growth in the R&D team over the past five years, Genetec is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand for its innovative solutions.

In addition to the new R&D hubs, Genetec has opened three state-of-the-art Experience Centers in Washington D.C., Sydney, and Dubai, adding to its existing flagship centers in Montréal, Paris, London, Singapore, and Mexico City. Michel Chalouhi, Vice President of Global Sales, highlighted the importance of these new centers in providing customers and partners with hands-on experiences of Genetec’s technology.

As a sponsor of the Security Middle East Conference, Genetec is further showcasing its commitment to global technology advancement. With these new developments, Genetec is not only expanding its global presence but also scaling to meet the growing demand for its solutions worldwide. The company’s goal is to provide an unforgettable brand experience for all who interact with its innovative technology.

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