Genetec Introduces Security Centre SaaS – Intelligent CISO Now Available


Genetec Announces Availability of Security Centre SaaS

Genetec, a leading technology provider, has made a groundbreaking announcement that will revolutionize the physical security industry. The company has introduced Security Centre SaaS, a scalable and unified software solution that will be available through its global network of certified partners.

With Security Centre SaaS, organizations will have access to a wide range of advanced security capabilities, including access control, video management, intrusion monitoring, and automation. This new offering is a game-changer for the industry, as it allows for cloud-based or hybrid deployments based on the specific needs of customers.

One of the key features of Security Centre SaaS is its open architecture, which gives organizations the freedom to choose the devices that best suit their business. The solution also includes powerful forensic search tools that simplify and speed up investigations by extracting crucial information from connected Edge devices.

In addition, Security Centre SaaS offers comprehensive systems management tools that make it easier for channel partners to configure and deploy complex systems at scale. This will help partners efficiently manage all their installations, regardless of the project size.

Moreover, Security Centre SaaS integrates seamlessly with Axis Cloud Connect and Axis Powered by Genetec, providing customers with a complete enterprise-grade deployment of access control and video technologies across hybrid and cloud environments. This collaboration with Axis will enable customers to securely connect, enroll, and manage Axis devices in various deployment options.

Overall, Security Centre SaaS represents a significant advancement in the physical security industry, offering organizations enhanced security capabilities and greater flexibility in deployment options. This announcement is sure to have a lasting impact on the industry and will set a new standard for cloud-based physical security solutions.

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