Google denies allegations of inadequate election ad verification on YouTube


Google Responds to Allegations of Disinformation Ads on YouTube Ahead of Indian General Election

Google has responded to recent findings by online advocacies that YouTube approved disinformation ads in India ahead of the general election. The tech giant disagrees with the methodology used in the investigation by Access Now and Global Witness, which found that YouTube approved 48 out of 48 ads containing misinformation about elections in India.

A Google spokesperson told Cybernews that none of the ads in question ever ran on their systems and that their policies explicitly prohibit ads with false claims that could undermine trust in an election. The spokesperson explained that their enforcement process has multiple layers to ensure compliance with policies, and ads can be blocked or removed if they violate guidelines.

Google assured that they are committed to preventing misinformation spread and will use the findings to further bolster their protections. The company emphasized that ads violating policies will be blocked or removed, and they enforce strict policies globally and in several Indian languages.

In response to the investigation, Google detailed the steps and investments they have made to safeguard their platforms, including requiring advertisers to disclose information about election ads and limiting targeting options. They also mentioned the use of advanced machine learning tools and human reviewers to monitor ads.

Overall, Google understands the importance of the election in India and has invested significant resources to provide high-quality information while safeguarding their platforms from election-related abuse. They continue to work towards enhancing their protections and ensuring a safe digital advertising ecosystem.

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