Intelligent CISO: DigiCert and Deutsche Telekom Collaborate to Reinvent Digital Trust in Europe


DigiCert and Deutsche Telekom Forge Strategic Partnership to Redefine Digital Trust in Europe – Collaboration Announcement

In a move that promises to redefine digital trust in Europe, DigiCert and Deutsche Telekom have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing security offerings and data integrity across diverse digital ecosystems.

By joining forces, DigiCert, a global provider of digital trust, and Deutsche Telekom, a leader in digital innovation and trust services, are set to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the varied needs of European customers. The collaboration will enable Deutsche Telekom to address a wide range of requirements, including public key infrastructure, identity and access management, digital certificates, and hardware security solutions for devices like smartphones and computers.

Andreas Brasching, Head of Trust Center and Identity Security at Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH, highlighted the strategic move as a commitment to maintaining certified trust service provision in geo-redundant data centers, ensuring compliance with European legal standards.

With an eye towards future advancements, Deutsche Telekom aims to enhance flexibility and scalability in its service offerings through this partnership. The collaboration will allow both companies to drive innovation and set new standards for digital trust and security in Europe and beyond.

Deutsche Telekom’s long-standing reputation for digital sovereignty will be further reinforced through this partnership, solidifying its position as a trusted authority for electronic data exchange. Millions of digital certificates issued by Deutsche Telekom continue to play a critical role in safeguarding data integrity, evidentiary value, and confidentiality in IT-enabled business processes.

With a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions, DigiCert and Deutsche Telekom are poised to empower businesses and individuals to navigate the complex digital landscape with confidence. This collaboration represents a significant step towards redefining digital trust and security in Europe.

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