Introducing Geromic George: The IAS Officer Accused of Putting Personal Needs Before Patient Care


The District Collector of Thiruvananthapuram, Geromic George, is facing severe backlash for allegedly abusing his power by demanding medical treatment at home for a trivial toenail fungal infection. This action disrupted patient care at the local hospital, with over 200 patients waiting for treatment at the outpatient clinic being affected.

The Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association (KGMOA) strongly condemned the collector’s behavior, calling it an abuse of power that compromised patient care. The association expressed concerns that the duty doctor was forced to leave the hospital during peak hours to attend to the collector’s “emergency” at home.

Despite initial discouragement from the district medical officer (DMO), compliance was allegedly enforced after intimidation from the collector. The incident has sparked outrage not only among medical professionals but also among the local community.

Chief Secretary of Kerala has intervened in the matter, requesting a detailed report from the Health Department Secretary to address the issue and ensure transparency. The KGMOA emphasized the importance of accountability in public office and warned of possible protests if such incidents continue.

This incident is not an isolated case, as similar misuse of authority was reported when a stadium was evacuated for an IAS officer to walk his dog, disrupting athletes’ routines. The community is now looking to higher authorities for corrective measures and actions to prevent such abuse of power in the future.

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