Ivanti’s Apology for World Cup Hack: The Importance of Cyber-Awareness for CISOs


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Welcome to CISO Corner, Dark Reading’s weekly digest tailored specifically to security operations readers and security leaders. This week’s issue covers a diverse set of articles from The Edge, DR Technology, DR Global, and our Commentary section, offering unique perspectives to support cybersecurity strategies across organizations of all sizes.

In this issue of CISO Corner:

1. **How CISOs Can Make Cybersecurity Awareness a Long-Term Priority for Boards**: Shaun McAlmont, CEO of NINJIO Cybersecurity Awareness Training, emphasizes the importance of securing board support, enhancing communication, and implementing awareness-training programs to combat social engineering.

2. **Global: Cybersecurity Threats Intensify in the Middle East During Ramadan**: Alicia Buller discusses how cybersecurity teams in the Middle East fortify defenses against increased DDoS, phishing, and ransomware campaigns during Ramadan.

3. **Funding the Organizations That Secure the Internet**: Jennifer Lawinski covers Common Good Cyber, a global consortium that aims to connect organizations to fund efforts securing Internet infrastructure.

4. **How Soccer’s 2022 World Cup in Qatar Was Nearly Hacked**: Jai Vijayan reveals a China-linked threat actor’s attempt to disrupt the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar by breaching a major communications provider.

5. **Microsoft Beefs Up Defenses in Azure AI**: Microsoft introduces new tools to protect Azure AI from threats like prompt injection and ensure the resilience of generative AI apps.

6. **Ivanti Pledges Security Overhaul the Day After 4 More Vulns Disclosed**: Jai Vijayan reports on Ivanti’s commitment to revamp security practices following the disclosure of vulnerabilities in its remote access products.

7. **Why Cybersecurity Is a Whole-of-Society Issue**: Adam Maruyama highlights the need for a collective effort to integrate cybersecurity into business practices, software design, and daily lives to enhance security measures.

Stay tuned for more engaging and informative articles in the next issue of CISO Corner!

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