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Infobip Launches Operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Expanding Presence in the Middle East and Strengthening Infrastructure

Infobip, a global cloud communications platform, has expanded its operations into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), marking a significant milestone for the company’s presence in the Middle East. The launch includes the establishment of Infobip’s first data centre in KSA, located in Riyadh, to ensure data security and compliance with international standards.

Amsal Kapetanović, Infobip Country Manager KSA, expressed the company’s commitment to investing in the local market and enhancing services for clients. Infobip’s operations in KSA will offer a range of advanced communication solutions, including omnichannel services like SMS, email, voice, and chat apps tailored to the needs of local businesses.

The launch of Infobip’s operations in Saudi Arabia demonstrates its dedication to providing reliable and secure communication solutions to connect businesses with customers. Zeid Shubailat, Director at Infobip, highlighted the company’s focus on fostering local partnerships and driving Digital Transformation in Saudi Arabia’s technology landscape.

Infobip’s future initiatives in the Middle East aim to strengthen its presence and support the region’s digital ecosystem. By offering scalable and reliable communication solutions, Infobip is poised to impact businesses in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East positively.

The company’s expansion into KSA comes at a crucial time when businesses are increasingly relying on digital communication tools to engage with customers and streamline operations. Infobip’s commitment to serving the local market underscores its dedication to providing high-performance communication solutions in the region.

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