LogRhythm and Exabeam to merge


LogRhythm and Exabeam announce merger

LogRhythm and Exabeam, two leading companies in the cybersecurity industry, have announced a merger that is set to revolutionize AI-driven security operations. The merger agreement will see the combined company leverage the complementary strengths of each organization to provide innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm, expressed excitement about the merger, stating, “Together our expertise and shared strategic vision will accelerate innovative AI-driven cybersecurity solutions for customers around the world.” The new organization aims to create a customer-obsessed, global leader in AI-driven security operations, offering a best-of-breed alternative to existing options in the market.

Customers can expect to benefit from enhanced R&D investments, product innovation, and a larger AI-driven product portfolio that includes both cloud-native and on-premises options. Adam Geller, CEO of Exabeam, highlighted the importance of AI and cloud technologies in the cybersecurity market, emphasizing the joint efforts to address the evolving needs of customers.

The merger comes at a time when cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve. By combining their expertise and resources, LogRhythm and Exabeam are poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions that bring together AI, automation, SIEM, security analytics, and UEBA to combat cyber threats effectively.

With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the merged company is set to lead the way in the cybersecurity industry, offering unparalleled efficacy, value, speed, and scale. The announcement has already generated excitement among industry experts and customers alike, who are eager to see the impact of this collaboration on the future of cybersecurity.

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