Man from Stanwood sentenced to federal prison for trafficking fentanyl on the dark web


Stanwood Man Sentenced to Over 10 Years for Selling Drugs on Dark Web

Stanwood man Christerfer Frick, already with a criminal history, has been sentenced to over 10 years in federal prison for selling drugs on the dark web. This comes after serving a nearly decade-long sentence for drug trafficking.

Frick, 49, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and fentanyl with intent to distribute. Despite being released in December 2019, he resumed his illegal activities from his Stanwood home. Authorities arrested him in May 2021 after an extensive investigation.

During his sentencing in Seattle, Judge Richard Jones emphasized the need to protect the community, given Frick’s immediate return to drug dealing upon release. Court documents revealed that while on supervised release, Frick conspired to distribute heroin, fentanyl, and meth with a partner.

An undercover federal agent ordered heroin on the dark web in April 2021, leading to the discovery of parcels containing fentanyl and heroin. Subsequent investigations linked these packages to Frick, who stored large quantities of drugs in his home, accessible to his two young children.

U.S. Attorney Tessa Gorman highlighted Frick’s long history of criminal activity, spanning three decades and involving multiple federal felony convictions. Frick admitted to sourcing his products from a Mexican drug cartel.

The raid on Frick’s home in May 2021 uncovered significant amounts of fentanyl, heroin, and other controlled substances. Gorman noted that Frick’s criminal behavior only ceased when he was in custody. This latest conviction marks a continuation of Frick’s pattern of illegal activity, despite previous incarceration.

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