Middle East client awards MARSS $70 million contract


MARSS 70 million contract with Middle East client

MARSS, a leading technology company, has recently secured a lucrative multi-year contract with a prominent Middle East client worth over USD$70 million. The contract entails providing integrated logistic support services, ranging from basic maintenance to troubleshooting complex issues at the client’s site.

Over the course of five years, MARSS will ensure the operational effectiveness of the site through a combination of corrective and preventative maintenance programs. The company will also maintain a full-time presence in the country to manage and maintain the system effectively.

This contract comes on the heels of MARSS successfully leading an international consortium to design and deliver a critical infrastructure protection system for a key strategic location in the Middle East. The new agreement will see MARSS providing ongoing support for the system, which features the innovative NiDAR platform capable of detecting, verifying, and defeating asymmetric threats across various domains.

Rob Balloch, MARSS’ Chief Revenue Officer, expressed his excitement about securing the contract, emphasizing the company’s ability to provide comprehensive life-cycle support for complex integrated platforms. He highlighted the growing need for rapidly deployable and effective defense systems, emphasizing the importance of modular, upgradeable solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

This latest contract underscores MARSS’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the defense sector and showcases their expertise in developing and implementing complex integrated defense programs efficiently. The company’s success in securing this significant contract highlights their agility and innovation in the industry.

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