Millions of Magic Rampage players facing potential risks


Asantee Games Exposes Data of Over 14 Million Players Due to Lack of Password Protection

Asantee Games, a game development company, has recently made headlines for exposing data from more than 14 million players due to its failure to set up a password. The Brazil-based company, known for its popular Magic Rampage game, fell victim to a misconfiguration on MongoDB, a document-oriented database platform, which left the data passwordless and publicly accessible.

The leaked data includes players’ usernames, emails, device data, statistics, and even admin credentials with encrypted passwords. This breach poses significant risks to users, as exposed information can be exploited by malicious actors for identity theft, fraud, and phishing attacks.

With access to admin credentials, hackers could potentially gain entry into the company’s internal systems, leading to further data exposure and harm. To prevent such incidents, it is crucial for companies to implement robust authentication mechanisms and encryption protocols to safeguard user data.

Cybernews researchers have contacted Asantee Games for a response, but no comment has been received yet. The company has since secured access to the leaked database. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of data security in the digital age, urging companies to prioritize the protection of user information to prevent future breaches.

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