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Insights from Veeam Data Protection Trends Report: Cyber-Attack Outages and Modernised Backup Strategies

Veeam Software’s latest Data Protection Trends Report reveals alarming insights regarding the state of cybersecurity in the modern business landscape. Despite an increase in cybersecurity spending, IT leaders are feeling more vulnerable than ever, with concerns about their ability to recover and restore critical data.

The report highlights that cyber-attacks remain the leading cause of outages for businesses, followed closely by various other factors like infrastructure, networking, and application software failures. This has emphasized the importance of modernized backup strategies to effectively combat these threats.

Interestingly, the survey found that while organizations are prioritizing cloud-based solutions for data recovery, only a small percentage believe they can recover from a crisis within a week. Additionally, issues related to cyber threats and environmental goals were noted as major roadblocks to IT modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

The lack of preparedness in the face of cyber threats is evident, with only 32% of respondents confident in their IT staff’s ability to recover 50 servers within five business days. This gap between expectations and reality poses a significant challenge for organizations looking to safeguard their data and operations effectively.

With a growing emphasis on container usage in enterprises, the need for purpose-built backup solutions tailored for these environments becomes paramount. And as the threat landscape continues to evolve, organizations must invest in resilient data protection solutions that can adapt to the hybrid cloud demands of today.

The report’s findings shed light on the urgent need for organizations to reassess their cybersecurity strategies and invest in robust data protection measures to mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats.

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