NEOM features innovative contactless biometric passport eGates at showcase event


NEOM showcases automated contactless biometric passport eGates

NEOM, the futuristic city under development in Saudi Arabia, is revolutionizing the travel experience with its new automated contactless biometric passport eGates. This cutting-edge technology allows international travelers to pass through NEOM Bay Airport without the need for any human interaction.

The eGates feature biometric scanners and high-resolution cameras that capture travelers’ biometric data, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Lieutenant General Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Yahya, Director General of Passports, recently visited NEOM and was impressed by the advancements in technology.

During his visit, Al Yahya toured the NEOM Bay Airport, the project’s command-and-control center, and other key facilities. One of the highlights of the visit was the demonstration of the contactless eGates for passport control, currently on trial and developed in collaboration with government agencies such as Jawazat and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority.

The partnership between NEOM and Jawazat aims to enhance the traveler experience and improve border control processes. Lieutenant General Al Yahya also visited the operations room at the command-and-control center, where he witnessed the integration of real-time analytics AI and predictive systems for safety and security.

With the implementation of the self-service eGate system, Saudi Arabia is joining the league of countries offering automated border control systems at airports. This technological advancement at NEOM ensures international visitors enjoy a seamless and efficient travel experience, making their journey hassle-free and convenient.

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