New Study Indicates Africa Being Used as a Testing Site for Nation State Cyber Warfare


Performanta Uncovers Trend of Developing Countries Targeted by Nation State Cyber Actors

Performanta, a multinational cybersecurity firm, has uncovered a concerning trend in how developing countries are being targeted by nation-state actors. The firm’s analysis revealed the origins and characteristics of Medusa, a ransomware-as-a-service targeting organizations globally, with a focus on developing countries as initial targets.

Guy Golan, CEO of Performanta, highlighted that BRICS nations, particularly in Africa, have become a testing ground for nation-state attacks. This poses a serious threat to global organizations, with cyber attacks costing an average of $1.6 million per incident. The report also noted a significant increase in financial/banking trojans in countries like Kenya and Nigeria.

Golan emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between Western countries and Africa to build a strong defense against these cyber threats. As attackers view Africa as a potential entry point to disrupt Western assets, it is crucial for both regions to work together to mitigate these risks.

Performanta, with a presence in South Africa and the UK, is well-positioned to bridge the gap between nations and enhance cybersecurity defenses. The company specializes in cyber safety and offers services such as risk and resilience consulting, managed detection and response, and continuous threat exposure management.

To access Performanta’s full report and learn more about their cybersecurity services, interested parties can download the report from their website. With a focus on global cybersecurity challenges, Performanta aims to create a safer digital environment for organizations worldwide.

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