New: Tenable now accessible in AWS Abu Dhabi region on Intelligent CISO platform


Tenable Cloud Security and Vulnerability Management Now Available Through AWS Abu Dhabi Region

Tenable, a leading Exposure Management company, has made a significant announcement that its Tenable Cloud Security, Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), and Tenable Vulnerability Management are now available through the AWS Abu Dhabi region. This development marks a major milestone in the region’s cloud computing and security landscape.

With the Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, experiencing a rapid adoption of cloud technologies driven by a cloud-first vision, the availability of Tenable’s solutions in the region is expected to enhance cyber risk management and compliance with data residency requirements.

Tenable Cloud Security is designed to help organizations secure their cloud infrastructure, identities, and workloads while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. On the other hand, Tenable Vulnerability Management enables organizations to understand their vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts effectively.

Maher Jadallah, Senior Director Middle East and North Africa at Tenable, emphasized the importance of securing infrastructure from development to runtime in the region. By providing access to Tenable Cloud Security and Tenable Vulnerability Management through AWS, companies can bolster their cybersecurity defenses and proactively prevent potential cyber threats.

Both Tenable Cloud Security and Tenable Vulnerability Management can be implemented as standalone solutions or as part of the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform. This platform offers comprehensive visibility across IT and OT environments, covering IT assets, cloud resources, containers, web apps, identity systems, OT, and IoT assets.

To showcase their offerings, Tenable will be present at the upcoming AWS Summit Dubai on May 29, 2024, at the Dubai World Trade Center. This event will provide an opportunity for businesses to learn more about Tenable’s innovative solutions and how they can enhance their cybersecurity posture in the evolving threat landscape.

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