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Cyber-Attack on Pakistan Suzuki Motors Company: A Distressing Development

The Pakistan Suzuki Motors Company (PSMC) is facing a new challenge in the form of a cyber-attack that has compromised sensitive corporate data. Reports have surfaced that a threat actor successfully infiltrated the PSMC server, leading to the theft of 447.5 GB of data, including HR and employee information, financial documents, IT infrastructure details, and more.

What’s even more alarming is that the perpetrator has allegedly auctioned off the stolen data on the dark web, raising concerns among car enthusiasts and the company itself. PSMC has acknowledged the cyber-attack and leakage of corporate data, with initial investigations revealing that sensitive information has been illicitly transferred to public IP addresses.

This cyber-attack comes at a challenging time for PSMC, as the company reported significant losses in 2023 due to a steep decline in sales and high taxation. The net sales revenue plummeted by nearly 50% to Rs. 102.11 billion compared to the previous year, with the company attributing this drop to inventory shortages and operational challenges.

The breach has left many questioning the security measures in place at PSMC and the potential impact on the company’s reputation and operations. As investigations continue and the company works to address the aftermath of the cyber-attack, the carmaker and its stakeholders are bracing for the implications of this distressing development.

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