Possible Leak of Philippine IDs on the ‘Dark Web’ Reported by Cybersecurity Group


Cybersecurity Group Reports Possible Leak of PH IDs on Dark Web

A cybersecurity group has raised alarm over a potential leak of Philippine identification cards on the dark web, signaling another government data breach. Deep Web Konek reported that the exposed IDs were posted on a hacker forum named “152GB of Philippine Citizen Identity Card Sample,” with a URL linked to a Telegram group allegedly holding the data.

The group suspects the leaked information came from a government repository like the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). However, Deep Web Konek emphasized that without further details, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact source of the leak.

Upon checking the Telegram group, Deep Web Konek found no evidence of the data, except for a message hinting at a re-upload. Other Telegram groups that obtained copies of the leaked files reposted them with missing parts, totaling only 20 gigabytes of data, far less than the 152 gb claimed by the threat actor KryptonZambie.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is awaiting confirmation from the PSA regarding the alleged leak. Meanwhile, the DOST recently disclosed a separate hacking incident where 2-terabytes of data, including research plans and designs, were compromised. The DOST has since partially regained access to its network.

As the government grapples with cybersecurity threats, concerns over data breaches and leaks continue to surface, prompting calls for stronger measures to safeguard sensitive information. The PSA and other government agencies are urged to address these vulnerabilities and enhance their cybersecurity protocols to prevent future incidents.

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