Protecting Your Company from Disinformation, Scams, and Deepfakes


Protecting Your Company from Disinformation, Scams, and Deepfakes: Expert Recommendations and Strategies

In today’s digital age, protecting your company from disinformation, scams, and deepfakes is more critical than ever. With hackers constantly evolving their tactics to target individuals within organizations, it is essential to stay vigilant and implement robust security measures. Yuri Dvoinos, Chief Innovation Officer at Aura, shares his expertise on how to safeguard your company against various types of attacks.

The first model Dvoinos discusses is impersonated texting patterns, where hackers mimic the communication style of trusted individuals to deceive employees. By imitating familiar email and texting patterns, attackers can trick employees into clicking malicious links or sharing sensitive information. To combat this, Dvoinos recommends verifying communication through multiple channels and investing in tools that filter out spam calls and texts on personal devices.

The second model involves forged voices, where hackers use AI to create synthetic voices that sound like trusted individuals. Dvoinos advises employees to contact security specialists if they receive suspicious communication and emphasizes the importance of clear security protocols at the company level.

The third model, deepfake videos, presents the most advanced form of deception, where AI is used to create realistic videos impersonating company executives. Dvoinos stresses the need for employees to remain cautious and report any suspicious activity to security professionals promptly.

To enhance security measures, Dvoinos recommends conducting engaging cybersecurity training programs for employees and appointing a dedicated security officer within the company. By leveraging AI-powered tools to monitor communication channels for suspicious content, companies can stay ahead of potential threats and protect against cyberattacks effectively.

In conclusion, Dvoinos highlights the importance of developing AI technologies to recognize and mitigate the risks posed by disinformation and deepfakes. By staying proactive and investing in advanced cybersecurity solutions, companies can safeguard their operations and maintain trust with employees and customers in an increasingly digital world.

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