Record number of cyberattacks reported


Check Point Report: Significant Increase in Cyberattacks in First Quarter of 2024

The first quarter of 2024 witnessed a significant surge in cyberattacks, with research, government, military, and healthcare sectors being the most heavily targeted, according to a recent report by Check Point. The report highlights a concerning trend of escalating cyber threats, with organizations experiencing a 28% increase in cyberattacks compared to the previous quarter and a 5% increase compared to the same period last year.

On average, organizations faced a staggering 1,308 cyberattacks per week, the highest ever recorded. The education and research sector bore the brunt of the attacks, with an average of 2,454 attacks per organization weekly. Government and military organizations faced 1,692 attacks each week on average, while healthcare organizations experienced 1,605 attacks.

Hardware vendors saw a 37% increase in attacks, reaching 1,185 attacks per organization weekly. Regionally, Africa saw a 20% surge in attacks, while Latin America experienced a 20% decline, possibly due to improved defensive measures.

Ransomware attacks continue to rise, with North America accounting for 59% of published attacks, followed by Europe at 24%. The manufacturing industry was the primary target, comprising 29% of attacks, followed by healthcare at 11%.

Researchers emphasize the need for a multi-faceted cybersecurity approach, including data backups, cyber awareness training, security patches, user authentication, and anti-ransomware solutions. Proactive engagement with AI-powered defenses is also recommended to enhance organizational resilience against evolving cyber threats.

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