RUCKUS Networks Introduces AI-Powered Solutions for the Hospitality Industry


RUCKUS Networks Launches AI-Driven Solutions for Hospitality Industry

RUCKUS Networks, a division of CommScope, has recently launched a new suite of AI-driven solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. This innovative suite aims to enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and brand loyalty across various hospitality brands and locations.

The new AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solutions offered by RUCKUS Networks provide high-performance services and simplify technology deployment through cloud-based management and assurance. This not only reduces IT-related costs but also improves guest experiences, making it a win-win for both hoteliers and their guests.

One of the early adopters of this technology, Clayton Melson, Senior Communications Manager at Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando, shared his positive experience with the RUCKUS AI solutions. He mentioned that by deploying AI-driven RUCKUS wired and Wi-Fi solutions throughout their properties, they were able to significantly improve IT efficiency and enhance guest connectivity experiences.

The suite also offers purpose-built features such as identity-based differentiated experiences, brand compliance, and industry-aligned license management, catering to the specific needs of stakeholders in the hospitality industry. Many hotel brands have already seen the benefits of implementing RUCKUS AI, leading to improved IT efficiency and faster resolution of IT-related issues.

Bart Giordano, SVP and president of Networking, Intelligent Cellular & Security Solutions at CommScope, highlighted the importance of the RUCKUS suite in meeting the needs of the hospitality industry. He emphasized how the combination of AI, Wi-Fi 7, and cloud-native network management solutions makes it easier and more cost-effective to deliver exceptional guest experiences and improve operational efficiency.

Overall, the launch of the RUCKUS suite of hospitality solutions marks a significant step towards enhancing brand loyalty and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry, setting a new standard for digital hospitality experiences.

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