ShinyHunters Revive BreachForums Following FBI Takedown


The Resurrection of BreachForums by ShinyHunters: A Closer Look at the Controversial Revival

The infamous dark web site BreachForums has made a surprising comeback as the notorious hacker group ShinyHunters has resurrected it. Despite the efforts of the FBI to shut down the site, it seems that BreachForums is here to stay.

BreachForums was a popular platform in the dark web realm, known for hosting discussions on hacking and criminal activities. After the FBI took down a similar site, RaidForums, in 2022, BreachForums gained even more popularity.

In 2023, the FBI took action against BreachForums and seized its domains, leading to the arrest of the alleged admin, Baphomet. However, the site was quickly brought back to life by ShinyHunters, raising questions about the effectiveness of the FBI’s actions.

Despite the FBI’s efforts to shut down the site, BreachForums has reappeared on both the dark web and the surface web. ShinyHunters have been posting breached records on the site, with recent breaches affecting companies like TicketMaster and Shell.

There are doubts about the legitimacy of these breaches, with some speculating that ShinyHunters may be posting previously breached data to grab attention. CyberKnow, an analysis group, has raised concerns about the authenticity of the recent breaches.

As BreachForums continues to operate, the security community is closely monitoring the site for any suspicious activity. With ShinyHunters at the helm, it remains to be seen how the site will evolve in the future. Share your thoughts on this intriguing development in the comments below.

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