Sophos collaborates with Tenable to introduce innovative Sophos Managed Risk Service


Sophos Partners with Tenable to Launch New Sophos Managed Risk Service

Sophos, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has partnered with Tenable®, a company specializing in Exposure Management, to launch a new service called Sophos Managed Risk. This service aims to provide organizations with comprehensive vulnerability and attack surface management to prevent cyberattacks.

The collaboration between Sophos and Tenable® brings together the expertise of both companies to address the growing challenges faced by organizations in managing their security risks. The Sophos Managed Risk service features a dedicated team that utilizes Tenable’s exposure management technology and works closely with Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) experts to provide continuous risk monitoring, vulnerability prioritization, investigation, and proactive notification to prevent cyberattacks.

With the modern attack surface expanding beyond traditional IT boundaries, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. The Sophos Active Adversary Report highlights the importance of addressing key vulnerabilities such as exposed Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access, enabling multi-factor authentication, and patching vulnerable servers to minimize the risk of breaches.

Rob Harrison, Senior Vice President for Endpoint and Security Operations Product Management at Sophos, emphasized the critical need for organizations to manage exposure risks to prevent costly and time-consuming security issues. The Sophos Managed Risk service offers benefits such as External Attack Surface Management, continuous monitoring of high-risk exposures, and vulnerability prioritization to help organizations stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

Industry experts have praised the launch of Sophos Managed Risk, noting its ability to simplify vulnerability management and provide organizations with valuable insights into their security posture. The service is available through Sophos’ global network of channel partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), with a Sophos MSP Flex version set to be released in 2024.

Overall, Sophos Managed Risk represents a significant step forward in helping organizations enhance their security posture and protect against cyber threats in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

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