Source Code Leak from New York Times on 4chan Emerges Shortly After Disney Leak


Alleged Leak of The New York Times Source Code and Disney Breach Posted on 4Chan

An anonymous hacker has caused a stir by leaking what is alleged to be The New York Times’ source code on the notorious 4Chan message boards. This leak, which occurred on June 6th, comes hot on the heels of another breach where a threat actor associated with the defunct online game Club Penguin claimed to have infiltrated Disney’s internal servers, also sharing the information on 4chan.

The hacker behind the NYT leak claimed to have accessed a massive 270GB of data, including over 5,000 source code repositories, with only a small fraction being encrypted. The hacker, signing off as “With love from /aicg/,” provided a magnet link to the files and urged others to seed the data.

Meanwhile, the Club Penguin fanbase has taken matters into their own hands, targeting Disney in retaliation for the shutdown of the beloved game in 2017. The hackers managed to obtain 137 documents related to Club Penguin, including product planning, proof-of-concepts, and internal emails.

The breach of Disney’s servers, facilitated by previously exposed credentials, led to the exfiltration of sensitive corporate information, including Disney’s corporate strategies, advertising plans, and internal infrastructure. This incident underscores the ongoing threat posed by cybercriminals and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data.

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