Study Shows Elevation of Privilege Responsible for 40% of Microsoft Vulnerabilities in 2023, Says Intelligent CISO


Report on Elevation of Privilege Vulnerabilities in Microsoft – 2024 Insights and Trends

BeyondTrust’s 2024 annual Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report has shed light on the prevalent security threats faced by Microsoft systems in 2023. The report revealed that Elevation of Privilege vulnerabilities accounted for a staggering 40% of all Microsoft vulnerabilities during the year.

Despite a slight decrease in critical vulnerabilities, the total number of vulnerabilities remained high, hovering between 1,200 and 1,300 since 2020. Denial of Service vulnerabilities saw a significant 51% increase, reaching a record high of 109 in 2023. Additionally, Spoofing vulnerabilities surged by 190%, highlighting the evolving threat landscape.

Microsoft Azure & Dynamics 365 vulnerabilities nearly halved in 2023 compared to the previous year. Windows Server and Windows categories experienced a significant number of vulnerabilities, with 57 critical vulnerabilities in Windows Server alone.

James Maude, Director of Research at BeyondTrust, emphasized the importance of strengthening security measures in the face of these growing threats. He highlighted the need for organizations to prioritize privilege and least privilege principles to enhance their security posture.

The report also warned about the continuous emergence of novel vulnerabilities and the need for investments in research and security practices to combat evolving threat tactics. Despite the projected increase in identity-based attacks, the report reinforced the effectiveness of foundational security principles like least privilege in defending against modern threats.

Overall, the report serves as a stark reminder for organizations to bolster their security defenses and stay vigilant against the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape to protect their digital assets and data from malicious actors.

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