The Dark Web: A Source of Breast Milk for Bodybuilders


The Unconventional Trend of Bodybuilders Consuming Breast Milk: Risks and Rewards

In a bizarre turn of events, bodybuilders are now turning to human breast milk as a performance enhancer. The trend, which started in the mid-2010s, has gained traction among some in the bodybuilding community, with reports of breast milk being sold on the dark web and black markets.

While the exact reasons behind this unconventional practice remain unclear, some believe that the nutrient density of breast milk could provide benefits for muscle building. However, experts are quick to point out that there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

In fact, drinking breast milk could pose serious health risks for bodybuilders. Dr. Jacques Mortiz of Mount Sinai Roosevelt in New York warned that there is nothing in breast milk that will cause adults to gain muscle mass. Furthermore, buying breast milk from unregulated sources like the dark web or black market could expose individuals to contaminated or adulterated products.

A study conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that even parents who buy breast milk online for its intended purpose are at risk, with some samples being adulterated with cow’s milk or baby formula, as well as containing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Despite the potential risks, the demand for breast milk among bodybuilders seems to be growing. With reports of individuals making thousands of dollars selling their breast milk, it appears that this controversial practice is here to stay. However, experts continue to caution against the dangers of consuming breast milk for muscle building purposes.

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