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The Role of AI and Automation in Servitisation: Transforming Business Operations and Customer Engagement

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation into business operations is revolutionizing the way organizations deliver value and drive revenue growth, according to Vijay Jaswal at IFS.

A recent study by IFS highlights the growing importance of AI and automation in the shift towards a servitised business model, with 43% of senior leaders prioritizing this transformation. As companies across various industries strive for competitive advantage, the adoption of AI and automation is crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

Currently, 28% of organizations are leveraging AI to accelerate their move towards servitisation, while automation is also gaining traction with 51% of participants recognizing its necessity. The research emphasizes the demand for AI technology, with 52% of respondents seeing its implementation as essential.

Furthermore, the significance of interoperability and integration in supporting AI-driven initiatives is underscored, with 46% of respondents highlighting the need for end-to-end business connectivity. Additionally, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is identified as a critical area for implementation by 40% of participants.

AI’s role as a cornerstone of the servitisation approach is evident across asset-intensive industries, where technologies like enterprise simulation and digital twins are increasingly being employed. These tools enable businesses to simulate scenarios, anticipate disruptions, and optimize service delivery to meet customer needs effectively.

Moreover, AI-powered anomaly detection is helping organizations prevent equipment failures, reduce downtime, and personalize customer interactions by analyzing data patterns and trends. The implementation of automation, including robotic process automation (RPA), is streamlining service delivery, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.

Overall, organizations that embrace AI and automation are positioning themselves at the forefront of the servitisation journey, driving innovation, customer engagement, and sustainable growth. By leveraging these technologies effectively, businesses can create a competitive advantage that sets them apart in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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