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Protecting Three UK Customers from Spam Texts and Online Fraud

Three UK has been busy blocking spam texts to protect its customers from online fraud. In the past two years, the company has successfully blocked over 173 million spam texts, equivalent to 10,000 every hour. This impressive feat is part of Three’s ongoing efforts to combat rising online scams.

The key to this success lies in Three’s integration of blocking technology from Mavenir into its network back in 2019. This technology helps filter out malicious messages before they reach customers, ensuring a safer online experience. Furthermore, Three has also introduced one-click SPAM reporting for Android devices, empowering customers to report suspicious messages easily.

The battle against fraud is an ever-evolving one as scammers continuously develop new tactics to deceive unsuspecting individuals. To stay ahead in this fight, Three has sent out millions of messages and alerts to warn customers about the latest scams and provide advice on how to protect themselves.

In addition to blocking spam texts, Three has also encouraged customers to report suspicious calls to 7726, a free spam-reporting service. With the support of AI technology and the dedication of its team, Three UK is making significant progress in safeguarding its customers from online threats.

As technology advances, scammers find new ways to exploit individuals. By staying vigilant and following simple tips to verify the authenticity of messages, customers can protect themselves from falling victim to common scams such as banking, delivery, and impersonation scams. With Three’s proactive measures and commitment to customer protection, customers can feel more secure in their online interactions.

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