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The Changing Landscape of Executive Positions for CISOs: From Security Executives to CTOs

The traditional path for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) is undergoing a transformation as these security executives are no longer content with just reaching the top of the security ladder. Instead, they are now making moves into broader executive positions within the C-suite, with Chief Technology Officer (CTO) roles becoming a popular pivot.

Anecdotal evidence shows a growing trend of CISOs transitioning into CTO positions in various companies, including big names like 20th Century Fox, Bank of America, and Equifax. One such example is Equifax’s own Jamil Farshchi, who recently took on a joint CTO and CISO position within the company.

Farshchi, a seasoned CISO with a background in leading security transformations at major organizations, believes that the transition from CISO to CTO is a natural one. He notes that the skills and mindset required for success in both roles overlap significantly, making CISOs well-equipped for the challenges of a CTO position.

Experts in the field also support this transition, citing the cross-functional expertise and risk management mindset that CISOs bring to the table as invaluable assets for CTO roles. The emphasis on secure by design initiatives in technology further highlights the importance of having security-focused CTOs who can prioritize security from the early stages of product development.

Overall, the shift from CISO to CTO represents a significant evolution in the career trajectories of security executives, showcasing their ability to adapt and excel in diverse leadership roles beyond the realm of cybersecurity.

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