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Cybersecurity Awareness: Bridging the Gap between Awareness and Action for Organizational Resilience

A recent report from ManageEngine has shed light on the concerning trend of cybersecurity awareness outpacing action in organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Vinayak Sreedhar, Country Manager for Australia at ManageEngine, emphasized the importance of taking concrete steps to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Despite a shared concern about cybersecurity breaches, the report revealed that only 56% of organisations have modified their existing cybersecurity protocols in response to these threats. Even more alarming is the fact that 26% of organisations have made no improvements to their security measures over the past year, with an additional 17% unsure if any changes have been implemented.

The top four practices that organisations are focusing on to enhance their cybersecurity defences include increasing training and awareness, bolstering firewalls, implementing multi-factor authentication, and enhancing encryption to protect sensitive data.

While these efforts represent a shift towards proactive cybersecurity measures, there is still a significant gap between awareness and action within organisations. Sreedhar highlighted the need for organisations to bridge this divide in order to fortify their defences against the evolving cyberthreat landscape.

To address this gap, Sreedhar emphasized the importance of investing in cybersecurity education and training. By prioritizing action against cybersecurity threats and aligning with strategic frameworks such as the Australian Cyber Security Strategy, organisations can better protect themselves against potential breaches.

It is vital for organisations to not only be aware of cybersecurity risks but also take proactive steps to mitigate them. By closing the gap between awareness and action, organisations can enhance their cybersecurity postures and safeguard against potential threats in the future.

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