X is incompatible with Firefox when privacy feature is enabled


Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection Causes Issues for X.com, Formerly Twitter

In a surprising turn of events, Twitter.com domain now automatically redirects to X.com, leaving Mozilla Firefox users unable to access the social network X (formerly Twitter) if they have Enhanced Tracking Protection enabled. This change has sparked frustration among Firefox users who prioritize their privacy.

Upon trying to access X, Firefox users are met with a message stating, “Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (Strict Mode) is known to cause issues on X.com.” The provided “Try again” button proves futile, as it only leads to the same screen. The only current solution is to disable the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature for X.com, compromising some privacy in the process.

Mozilla’s Enhanced Tracking Protection is designed to block trackers that collect user data and protect against harmful scripts. However, in this case, it has inadvertently caused the X website to crash. Some users speculate that the issue may be due to X changing its domain to X.com and referencing resources from the older Twitter domain.

Acknowledging the problem, Firefox support assured users that they are working on a fix. In the meantime, they recommend temporarily disabling Enhanced Tracking Protection or switching it from Strict mode. The situation has left many users frustrated and highlights the delicate balance between privacy protection and website functionality in the digital age.

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