X reinstates verified badges for influential accounts


X, formerly known as Twitter, is making waves in the social media world by gifting premium features to users with at least 2,500 verified followers. This move comes after Elon Musk’s announcement at the end of March, where he hinted at changes to keep the platform relevant.

Popular accounts were surprised to find themselves gifted with premium subscriptions, including the iconic blue badge, on Wednesday evening. The new features include reduced or no ads, higher placement in replies, and access to Grok, a ChatGPT competitor. Musk’s goal is to attract or retain influential accounts as Meta’s Threads gains popularity.

However, there seems to be confusion surrounding the criteria for receiving these premium features. Only a handful of accounts currently meet the requirements, leading to speculation about the impact of this change. Previously, the blue tick was reserved for paying subscribers, causing controversy and a migration of users to other platforms.

In response to X’s move, Meta has begun testing cash bonuses for engaging content on Threads and Instagram. This competition in the social media landscape highlights the importance of innovation and adaptation to stay relevant in the digital age.

As the battle for user engagement and loyalty continues, it will be interesting to see how X’s strategy unfolds and whether it can compete with emerging platforms and technologies. Stay tuned for more updates from the ever-evolving world of social media.

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