Yuri Dvoinos explains how AI can help decrease cybercrimes in Dubai


How AI can reduce the number of cybercrimes in Dubai with Yuri Dvoinos

Yuri Dvoinos, a technology expert and cybersecurity innovator, believes that artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in reducing cybercrimes in Dubai. With his extensive experience in developing AI-enabled products for combating scams, Dvoinos sees great potential in leveraging technology to make Dubai even safer and more secure.

One of the most common cybercrimes in Dubai is telephone scams, where fraudsters impersonate companies and trick individuals into revealing personal information. Dvoinos proposes using AI to analyze phone calls, detect signs of scams, and automatically alert Dubai Police. By collaborating with mobile operators to track the location of scammers, this AI-powered system could swiftly identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

Additionally, Dvoinos suggests implementing a law that requires approval for all mass SMS distributions, making it harder for scammers to send malicious messages. By monitoring and regulating marketing SMS templates, the UAE could significantly reduce the prevalence of SMS scams, such as impersonating well-known brands like Emirates Post.

Furthermore, Dvoinos envisions a security software collaboration with Dubai Police, where individuals voluntarily install protective tools on their devices. This software would collect data on cyber threats, analyze user behaviour, and provide valuable insights to law enforcement agencies. By creating a unified platform for reporting scams and enhancing cybersecurity measures, Dubai could establish itself as a global leader in cyber safety.

In conclusion, Dvoinos’ innovative strategies highlight the potential of AI in combating cybercrimes and enhancing digital security in Dubai. By embracing technology and collaboration, Dubai can elevate its cyber environment to unprecedented levels of safety and set a new standard for cybersecurity worldwide.

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