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Enea and Zain KSA Collaborate on World’s First Mobile Network Signaling Overlay Technology

Zain KSA and Enea have joined forces to pioneer the world’s first mobile network signaling overlay technology, setting a new standard in telecom network security. The innovative signaling security overlay, developed by Enea’s Technology Research unit, aims to revolutionize mobile network security by enhancing signaling firewall capabilities.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Enea and Zain KSA is a testament to their shared commitment to advancing telecom technology and ensuring network security in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The pilot project, set to be implemented in Zain KSA’s network in Saudi Arabia in 2024, comes at a critical time when the Kingdom is at the forefront of 5G development as part of its vision to become an ICT leader.

With the surge in global threats on telecom networks, the need for robust security measures has never been greater. The partnership between Enea and Zain KSA underscores their dedication to innovation and their proactive approach to safeguarding network infrastructure against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Anders Lidbeck, CEO of Enea, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in addressing the vulnerabilities introduced by cloud and virtualized infrastructures in mobile networks. Eng. Abdulrahman Al Mufadda, COO of Zain KSA, echoed this sentiment, highlighting their commitment to providing secure and cutting-edge solutions to customers in the Kingdom.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) at Mobile World Congress Barcelona marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards deploying next-generation signaling security solutions. As Zain KSA becomes the first to test this pioneering technology, the potential for expansion to other markets and customers reflects the impact this collaboration could have on the global telecom industry.

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