Zscaler reassures no impact or compromise despite being targeted by hackers


Zscaler Continues Investigation into Alleged Breach: Updates and Developments

Cloud security company Zscaler is currently under investigation following claims made by a threat actor selling access to a major cybersecurity company. The threat actor, known as IntelBroker, offered confidential logs and access to various security components for a price of $20,000 in cryptocurrency on the dark web marketplace BreachForums.

While Zscaler has stated that there has been no impact or compromise to their systems, independent cybersecurity researchers suspect that the company in question is indeed Zscaler. IntelBroker hinted that the company’s name starts with a “Z,” further fueling speculation.

Zscaler has been proactive in conducting a thorough investigation into the matter and has released multiple updates reaffirming that no evidence of compromise has been found in their customer, production, or corporate environments. The company confirmed that an isolated test environment on a single server, not hosted on Zscaler infrastructure, was exposed to the internet but contained no customer data.

Despite Zscaler’s reassurances, IntelBroker has continued to claim that they have sold access to the company and have provided screenshots of sensitive information related to Zscaler’s security products. The threat actor insists that the access sold is not a testing environment, contradicting Zscaler’s findings.

As the investigation unfolds, Zscaler’s services remain operational, but the company’s share price has experienced a slight decline. IntelBroker, known for previous data breaches, including those of PandaBuy and HomeDepot, has a history of targeting high-profile organizations. The cybersecurity community is closely monitoring the situation as more details emerge.

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