A Few Champagne Bottles Were Painted, Followed by Meta’s Customer Support Nightmare


“The Ordeal of Holifield: A Battle with Instagram and Veuve for Account Restoration”

In a battle to reclaim her Instagram account, influencer Holifield faced a daunting challenge that nearly cost her livelihood. After losing access to Meta’s Media Support Partner Portal, Holifield sought out the help of Eva, who warned of unpredictable success rates in such cases.

To regain control of her account, Holifield was instructed to provide receipts of her Veuve purchases to authenticate her posts featuring the brand. Her husband went from liquor store to liquor store to retrieve the necessary proof, highlighting the lengths she had to go to in order to appease the brand and regain access.

After numerous emails and relentless efforts, Veuve finally relented, retracting the infringement claims against Holifield. Despite the good news, her struggles were far from over, as her Meta ad manager account remained inaccessible, hindering her ability to secure new deals.

However, after WIRED brought attention to her situation, Holifield’s ad manager access was eventually restored, allowing her to resume her work with advertisers. Although relieved, she now treads carefully on Instagram, hesitant to mention companies or show logos without a paid partnership in place.

Holifield’s rollercoaster journey serves as a cautionary tale for influencers navigating the complex world of social media platforms. With limited support available from Meta, she remains vigilant, determined to protect her account and livelihood at all costs.

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