Bharatpur: 23 ठग गिरफ्तार…करोड़ों रुपये की ठगी। 1000 से अधिक लोगों को चूना लगाने।


In a major crackdown by the police, 23 cyber criminals have been arrested in Bharatpur. These criminals have duped over 1000 people through various cyber frauds. The operation, named Anti Virus, was carried out by the police from 5 different stations in Bharatpur.

According to IG Rahul Prakash, the cyber criminals would lure people into renting fake flats, engaging in sextortion, and other fraudulent activities. They would then trick the victims into depositing money into fake accounts and withdraw it through ATMs, distributing the proceeds among gang members from Alwar and Gurgaon.

The police seized 46 mobile phones, 3 checkbooks, 4 land purchase registries, 6 SIM cards, an ATM card, a Creta car, a tractor, and 2 motorcycles from the arrested criminals. It was revealed during interrogation that the gang had defrauded over 1000 individuals of crores of rupees.

The ongoing operation under Operation Anti Virus has resulted in a 34% decrease in the location of cyber criminals in the region. The police are continuing their investigation to determine the extent of the gang’s operations and the number of members involved.

The seized items and information gathered from the arrested criminals will help the police in further cracking down on cyber criminals and ensuring the safety of citizens against such fraudulent activities.

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