Case Study: Cyber Threat Intelligence at Church & Dwight


How Church & Dwight’s CISO, David Ortiz, Uses Feedly for Open Source Threat Intelligence and News Progression

Church & Dwight’s CISO David Ortiz is revolutionizing the way his team handles cybersecurity and threat intelligence with the help of Feedly. By leveraging the platform to consolidate information from various sources, Ortiz has managed to save an hour each day, streamline his intelligence workflow, and optimize his team’s research process.

Ortiz’s strategic use of Feedly has allowed him to stay ahead of emerging vulnerabilities, such as the recent log4j vulnerability that shook the cybersecurity world in December 2021. By monitoring trending vulnerabilities and estimated CVSS scores in Feedly, Ortiz was able to anticipate the severity of the threat before it was officially rated.

The impact of Feedly on Church & Dwight’s cybersecurity operations has been significant. The platform has provided a centralized space for the team to share data, avoid duplicate work, and reduce information overload. Ortiz has also been able to customize automated newsletters to ensure his team stays informed without being overwhelmed by notifications.

Looking forward, Ortiz plans to continue leveraging Feedly to enhance the company’s security posture and reduce risk. He is excited about the upcoming Customizable Newsletters feature, which will further streamline communication and knowledge sharing within the team.

In a constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, Ortiz and his team at Church & Dwight are setting a new standard for threat intelligence and information security. By staying ahead of the news and leveraging the power of Feedly, they are better equipped to protect the company from potential threats and keep their data secure.

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